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If CW sends an email to a member's email address and this produces two bounce messages within a 7-day period, then CW marks that email as "invalid" and suspends sending email to that email address.

  • The purpose of this feature is to limit and prevent sending email to addresses that bounce. If the percentage of bounced email reaches a certain threshold our email provider will put us on probation, and later will suspend email service, which will affect all CW email being sent.
  • Also, if the email address does not function, then the member will not receive any email messages, notifications and broadcast emails sent via CW to that member.

If a user's email address is marked as invalid:

  • The CW user will see a notification in their status bar their message bar that their email is invalid (aka suspended).
  • CW will suspend sending email notifications to that address.

How to remove the suspension:

  • If, after another 7 days, CW receives no new bounce messages it will withdraw the suspension and will send CW notifications to that member.
  • Submitting a new email address will also end the suspension and of course, trigger a new email validation request for that email address.


When a bounce message is received for a member's email, CW include a message in the next Coordinators Report informing the coordinator about which member account has received how many bounce messages.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the timebank's coordinators to have all of their members enter and confirm a correct and functioning email address in CW.