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The subscription expired special page is a page whose purpose is to inform members that their subscription has expired, and offer further instructions on how to get their subscription paid. The contents of this page are displayed in a dialog box when the user is automatically directed to the Subscription payments special page, specifically when the Restrict member access? feature is enabled and a visitor visits a page which is restricted.

If you have activated "Restrict member access?" then when a member's subscription lapses, Community Weaver will restrict their ability to use the TimeBank and will automatically direct Members to the Subscription payments special page and display the information contained in this page in a dialog box on that page. If their access has been limited they will not be able to see offers, requests or other members. They will be able to see and edit their own profile.

In the absence of having any content on this page, the Subscription expired content will display with the title "Your subscription has expired" and the contents of:

Your subscription has expired, please follow the instructions on this page to renew your subscription to {site_name}.

For any questions, please contact us.

Instructions should instruct members to follow the instructions on the Subscription payments special page, or offer contact information or other instructions regarding payment, including the ability to pay using alternative methods.

The contents of this page are blank initially and are not required in order for the payment feature to work. Coordinators should create content for this page prior to activating "Restrict member access?".