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Service Categories Structure

The Service Categories in Community Weaver consist of

  • Parent or Top-Level Categories
  • Child or Sub-Categories

Which must follow the following basic structure:

  • Each Parent Category must have at least one Child Category.
  • Each Parent Category can have many Child Categories.

Use of Categories

They are always assigned as a pair Parent-Child Category. For example the Parent Category is "Transportation" and the Child Category is "Local" the Parent-Child Category pair would be "Transportation-Local". The Parent Category alone cannot be chosen.

Assigning Categories

The categories are used for service ads (offers adn requests) recorded exchanges and Timebankers' talents.

  • Every offer and request (service ads) must be assigned to at least one Parent-Child Category and can be assigned to no more than three Parent-Child Categories.
  • Every recorded exchange must be assigned to only one Parent-Child Category.
  • In the Timebankers' Talents, members can choose any number of the Parent-Child Categories as an area in which they have a skill or talent.

Finding Service Ads and Timebankers' Talents by Categories

All members can filter offers, requests and timebankers' Talents by any of the available Parent-Child category pairs. Coordinators can also filter recorded exchanges any of the available Parent-Child category pairs.

Editing Categories

Go to Gear Icon/Configure/Lists and choose the tab Service Categories You will see the list of service categories together with number of ads in that category. A coordinator can:

  • Add a new category by clicking the Create Service Category button
    • Creating a new Parent (top-level) Category will require creating a new Child (sub-) Category
  • Edit a category's name by clicking its name
  • Reassign a Child Category to a new Parent Category by clicking on the "X" for delete and select a new Parent Category
  • Delete a category by clicking the X adn then choosing "Delete this service category
    • If you delete a category that is in use by an offer, a request, a recorded exchange or a Timebanker's' Talent, you will be prompted to choose a new category for those offers, requests, recorded exchanges or a Timebankers' Talents. They will all be reassigned to the category that you choose.
  • Make a category visible or invisible in the Timebankers' Talent list by checking or un-checking the box.

Planning your categories

Considerations for coordinators when adding, changing, or deleting categories.

Categories are useful to help members find offers, requests or members with talents or skills. Therefore it useful to think through the implications of using categories before adding or changing categories.

  • Choose parent categories to group categories.
  • Use unique terms for parent and child categories make them easier to use for members.
  • Avoid duplicate or too similar category names if as all possible. Duplicate or similar category names are confusing for members:
    • because it will not be clear to members which of the categories to use when creating offers and requests or Timebankers' Talents
    • because it will be more difficult for members to know which category to use when filtering/searching for ads and talents.
  • Changing adding or deleting categories is a site-wide change. Since members are used to your existing categories, it is helpful to inform members of any major changes.