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For Members

The "Profile Status" page shows the profile status of the person currently logged into the timebank.

The "Profile Status" will display status of your signing up for an account in the Community Weaver timebank software. Next to each sign up step is a check mark if it is completed and an "X" if it is incomplete.

The steps shown are:

  1. Sign up for <name of timebank> -- The date and time that you used the "join" feature in Community Weaver to create a new account.)
  2. Verify of your email address -- Either you validated your email address (it shows the date and time of the validation) or you have not yet validated it (and shows you a link to send another validation email to the email of this account). See details about [[Validate_email_address_email| Validate email address].
  3. Agree to our terms of service -- Either you agreed to the timebank's terms of service (it shows the date and time that you agreed to them) or it offers you a link to read and then agree to the terms of service.
  4. Complete your profile -- Either the profile items listed are complete (showing a check mark) or incomplete (showing a X) in which case you can click on the incomplete item to go to that section of your profile where it can be completed.

Please note that each timebank defines its own procedure for new members. Additional steps to become a member may apply. See the Membership Requirements page in your timebank. You will receive an email notification when your membership is approved by a coordinator.

For Coordinators IMPORTANT

  • If a member completes all the steps listed under their profile status they will see a notice that it is 100% complete
  • Less than 100% complete will not prevent a user from Community Weaver access.