Migration Guide - from CW 2 to CW 3.0

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Migration Guide from Community Weaver 2 to Community Weaver 3.0

Version 11 - May, 2017

On April 7, 2017, all CW2 sites that were not yet migrated to CW3 (the sites that have been dormant for a year or so) were migrated to CW3 without the participation of the coordinator of those sites. If you want to reactivate your site out of dormancy, please use this form to contact TBUSA:


We will then reactivate your site. If you are a "Primary Coordinator" in your CW2 site, you use your email address and password to log into your CW3 site as "Admin coordinator" and follow the steps below.

Step Action Task for Location Notes
1.0 Learning to use CW3
Explore & learn to use CW3 Coordinators & (Optionally) Members democw3.timebanks.org
2.0 All CW2 sites were moved to CW3
After the final migration your site was set offline so that you can make the necessary changes and updates to the pages, announcements, calender and links of your site. Admin Coordinator
If you logged out after the final migration, log in again. Admin Coordinator If you logged out while your site was offline, you can log in again by going to your timebank at: shortname.timebanks.org/login
IMPORTANT --- While your site is offline, make your “final migration” changes. Admin Coordinator Use the checklist at: Checklist - Migrating from CW 2 to CW 3
Switch your site online for all members to use. Admin Coordinator GEAR / Migrating to CW3 / Online
3.0 CONGRATULATIONS, your CW3 is up and running
Inform members that they can now use your updated timebank. Coordinators
Also inform members that there have been changes to their profile and invite them to check and update their profile, especially their picture. Member Member's profile After the final migration each member will need to upload A new version of their picture into their profile. [CW2 reduced the resolution of all uploaded images which makes them pixelated in CW3.]
Report any issues Coordinators Use AH ticket system: Login to Action hub and use: CW 3 Support