Migration Guide - from CW 2 to CW 3.0

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Migration Guide

from Community Weaver 2 to Community Weaver 3.0

Version 8 - March 21, 2015


When you are ready to begin the migration of your Community Weaver site (version 2) to the brand new Community Weaver 3.0 software you will first need to create a CW 3 “sandbox” version of your CW 2 site. This gives you the opportunity to try out the new software using data from your own timebank, but without going “live.” Each timebank decides its own schedule for migrating from its CW 2 to the new CW 3.0 software for all members. You decide how long you want to 'play' in your sandbox and you decide when you make the final migration.

If, for example, your site is at:


then to access your Community Weaver 3 'sandbox' for your site go to:


Notice the addition of the “-3” in the URL (web address) of your sandbox site. You can now use your data in your CW 3 "sandbox." NOTE: If you made changes to your CW 2 site as system administrator, this may not function. If so, please contact TBUSA technical support CW 3 support.

If you are a "Primary Coordinator" in your CW2 site, you use your email address and password to log into your CW3 'sandbox' site as "Admin coordinator".

After the final migration the web address of your CW site will be exactly the same as it was when using CW2. In this example it would be:


Action Task for Location Notes
1.0 S A N D B O X Preparing to use CW3

Migrate your CW2 data to your CW3 sandbox site. Admin Coordinator GEAR / Migrating to CW3 / Migrate again to Community Weaver 3 Your “SANDBOX” site is isolated from the real world. Everything that is done in the sandbox stays in the sandbox. No changes will be made to your CW2 site. No email goes out to members. It is all contained in the sandbox.

Configure your CW3 site (shortname-3.timebanks.org) Admin Coordinator
Follow the checklist: Checklist - Migrating from CW 2 to CW 3

You can also check the list of CW 2 data that will be migrated to CW 3. Admin Coordinator
See the list of: Data Migrated into CW3

OPTIONAL: To test the CW 3 outgoing email notifications, submit a request at: CW 3 Support Admin Coordinator
This is OPTIONAL. Request only if you want to test notifications sent by your CW3 site during the sandbox test phase.

Alert the members that there will be a change to CW3. Coordinators

Report any issues Coordinators
Use AH ticket system: | CW 3 Support

2.0 Learning to use CW3

Explore & learn to use your CW3 site (shortname-3.timebanks.org) Coordinators & (Optionally) Members
Your CW 3 site is still a 'sandbox'. Be sure to inform anyone using this when it is a sandbox that all entries (exchanges, service ads, profile changes, etc.) will be overwritten when the final migration is implemented.

3.0 Making the Move Final Migration from CW2 to CW3

Inform members that the migration will take place. Coordinators

Initiate FINAL MIGRATION from your CW2 site to your CW3 site!!! Admin Coordinator GEAR / Migrating to CW3 / Final migration to Community Weaver 3 The FINAL re-import of your CW 2 data to the CW3 site will take only a few minutes. After the final migration your site will be set offline so that you can make the necessary configurations before taking it online. Note the offline notice in the orange field in the upper right of your sites window.

Your URL (web address) will not change.

Your CW3 site (shortname-3.timebanks.org) will replace your CW2 site (shortname.timebanks.org). Your CW3 site will be available at your usual URL (shortname.timebanks.org). Your CW2 site will no longer be available to your members, but it will be available to coordinators via shortname-2.timebanks.org/user.

4.0 Almost ready After moving to CW3

After the final migration your site will be set offline. If you logged out after the final migration, log in again Admin Coordinator
If you logged out while your site was offline, you can log in again by going to your new timebank at: shortname.timebanks.org/login

While your site is offline, make your “post final migration” changes. Admin Coordinator
Use: Checklist - Migrating from CW 2 to CW 3

Switch your site online for all members to use. Admin Coordinator GEAR / Migrating to CW3 / Online

5.0 CW 3 site is READY! CONGRATULATIONS, your CW3 is up and running

Inform members that they can now use your timebank again, but that it is the new CW3 at the same web address (URL) Coordinators

Also inform members that there have been changes to their profile and invite them to check and update their profile, especially their picture. Member Member's profile After the final migration each member will need to upload A new version of their picture into their profile. [CW2 reduced the resolution of all uploaded images which makes then pixelated in CW3.]

Report any issues Coordinators
Use AH ticket system: CW 3 Support