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[[Category:New Members]]
[[Category:New Members]]
[[Category:Email Notifications]]
[[Category:Email Notifications]]

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The "Add a member" email is sent to a prospective member when a coordinator creates a new user account internally using the "Add a member" button (See the "+"icon in the menu.). When the prospective member clicks on the link "Activate my account" in the email they will be directed to the timebank's site and logged in.

When the coordinator is using the "Add a member" form they can to edit the "Coordinator configurable content" of this email.

Note: It is important to inform the prospective member that they will also need to set their password during their first login to the site. They can do this by going to their profile page (click on their own name in the menu at the top of the page) and then yse the "Change password" button at the top of the profile page.

Note: If they happen to log out before setting a password, then can use the "Forgot password?" link on the front page to assign themselves a new password.

The message sent to the invited member contains the following text:

In the email, below the CW message there is space for coordinator configurable content, which can be empty or can be added/edited by an Admin Coordinator. The coordinator can use email customization fields to include additon information.

Formerly called Invite a member email - was changed in June 2015 to be Add a member as part of Community Weaver 3.0.11.