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This page contains information about a member. You can edit that information in your own profile.

To expand or collapse a section, click its title.

Buttons that allow you to change settings are in rectangles with 4 corners.

Information is provided in "rectangles" with "oval" ends.

Change Password

Click this button (at the top pf the profile page) to change your password.

Edit Identity

Click this button (at the top pf the profile page) to update your name or birthday


Click or touch the photo box to upload a photo. You can also drag an image from your desktop.1

Tip: Photos were stored in Community Weaver 2 at a low resolution (130x200 pixels). Photos imported from there look grainy in Community Weaver 3's higher-resolution image space. A profile photo of at least 500x500 pixels will be clearer.

Contact Info

Edit Contact Info

  • Email address (required)
  • Additional Contact information - You can enter any number of
  • Phone numbers (cell, home, work),
  • Fax number,
  • Alternate emails,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Google+, or
  • other web addresses.

Edit Address

  • Street Address,
  • County,
  • Neighborhood,
  • Time Zone

When viewing another member's profile

  • click on their email address to send the member an email.
  • click on the envelope icon to send the member a message.

Communication Preferences

Edit Communication Preferences

  • Broadcast Email - You can choose to receive or not to receive emails that the timebank coordinators send to all timebank members.
  • Notification Email Frequency - You can choose how often you want to receive notification emails from the time bank.1
  • Interface language - Here you can specify the language you want Community Weaver to use for you.1
  • Spoken Language - Here you can specify the languages you speak.
  • How did you hear about us? - Let us know

Living Situation

It is useful to let other members know about you living situation, especially exchanges will take place in your home. Share your:

  • Type of home
  • Accessibility of your home
  • People at your home
  • Pets
  • Usual modes of transportation


  • Affiliation - Members can choose the organizations or groups that they are affiliated with. This is for information only. Members can search for all other members who have chosen a particular affiliation.
  • Community Timebank - If the coordinator has set up Community Timebanks (sub-timebanks within your timebank), you can choose the Community Timebank that you are affiliated with.1


When the member is generally available to do exchanges with other members. Just check the times of day you are generally available or uncheck the times of day you are generally not available. In each offer or request you can choose different availabilities that apply only to that service ad.

Privacy Settings

Control whether your information is visible to all members or only to coordinators.1 If the timebank permits it, you can also set the individual items to be visible to everyone on the Internet.1 Be careful about what contact information yiu make visible to everyone.


Click this button to complete the 'paperwork' required by your timebank.

About me (Biography)

This is the place to tell other members about yourself. The more people get to know you, the more likely they are to make exchanges with you. You can include images and web links, so be creative!


Read your messages or send a new message.


View your exchanges or record a New Exchange.


View the member's offers or post a new offer.


View the member's requests or post a new request.

Timebankers' Talents

This is the place to easily list things you can do for other members--just check a box for each activity you'd like to be contacted about. In Community Weaver 2 this was called Yellow Pages.

Your Balance

View your exchanges or record a New Exchange.


The member's address is used to place a location dot on a map. If your address is not a valid street address (e.g. a post office box), the map view will not be correct.

To close or open the member's information block on the map, click the location dot on the map. To zoom in or out, use the mouse scroll wheel or click on the "+" or "-" buttons. To move the map, grab it with the left mouse button and move the map.

The whole map database is refreshed monthly, but if you change your address in the profile, the map for your address will also be refreshed. This usually takes a few minutes. Meanwhile the map will display 'This address will be mapped by our geocoding service shortly.'

How to get to this page

From the Menu Bar at the top of any page, click your name.

Coordinator Options

A coordinator can:

  1. Use the Unapprove button to undo the membership.1
  2. Use the Disable button to block the member's access.
  3. Use the Become button to act as that member.1
  4. Use the Convert to Organization button at the top of the profile to change a profile from a person to an organization.1
  5. Use the Coordinator Settings at the bottom of the profile to:
  • Change the member's permissions (.e.g. give the member a coordinator role).
  • Assign a Guardian Angel to the member.

1These are new features in Community Weaver 3.