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The "Member Exchanges" pages shows all exchanges recorded in your timebank.

How to get to this page

  • From the Menu Bar, click the Gear Icon then in the section Reports click on Member Exchanges.

What you can do on the "Member Exchanges" page

From this page a coordinator may view, edit, or delete members' exchanges.

  • To view an exchange, click its title.
  • To edit an exchange, click the edit button.
  • To delete an exchange, click the delete button.
  • To view a Member Profile, click the member's name.
  • To view ads related to a category, click the category.

Tip: To view statistics about exchanges by category, click the gear icon in the Menu Bar, then click Exchanges by Service Category.

Change the format of the list

  • The Items per page drop-down list enables you to decrease or increase the number of exchanges per page.
  • To its right is another drop-down list that enables you to change the order of the list. Initially the list is in order by date, but here you can make order by provider, recipient, category, etc.
  • To its right is a circle with an arrow that enables you to change the list from descending order to ascending order.

Change the content of the list

  • The search box enables you to find exchanges by member name, exchange title, or category.
  • The filters enable you to be selective. Click the filters icon to choose one or more filters from the drop-down list. You can then select exchanges by their:
  • Date updated
  • Category
  • Neighborhood
  • Affiliation
  • Service date