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  • This feature is only available to timebank coordinators.
  • Regular members cannot see the birthday nor the age of other members.

In the menu, coordinators can go to Gear Icon/Reports/Dashboard/Member Birthdays to view list of the timebank's members sorted by birthday. The list of Member Birthdays displays members' names, their birthdays, and their ages

Change the order of the list

It initially shows all members in alphabetical order. You can change this list to suit your needs.

  • The Items per page drop-down list enables you to decrease or increase the number of members per page.
  • To its right is another drop-down list that enables you to change the order of the list. Initially the list is ordered by first name, but you can change it to order by last name, birthday, age, or others
  • To its right is a circle with an arrow that enables you to change the list from ascending order to descending order.

Change the search filter for the list

  • The search box enables you to find a person or organization. Just enter part of the name or email address.
  • The filters enable you to be selective. Click the filters icon and it will show drop-down lists to select members.

The birthday filter gives yuo a number of choices:

  1. Who have listed their birthday or not
  2. By month
  3. By how long until their birthdays
  4. and more...

How to get to this page

  • Click the Gear Icon then Member Birthdays from the menu bar (coordinators).