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Applying for Membership

There are two ways to begin the membership process:

Selecting Members from a List

  • A coordinator can identify and group members by filtering the list of Members

Guardian Angel Mode

Acting on Behalf of a Member

  • A coordinator can Become a member temporarily to act for them.

Coordinator Permissions

  • A coordinator can give coordinator capability to a member via their Member Profile
  • There are several different coordinator roles....

Create and Manage Site Content


An alert is an urgent announcement. Its title may be shown at the top of the Sidebar.


A page is an informational web page within CW3. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.


A link goes to a web page outside CW3. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.


A news article's headline may be shown in the Sidebar. News articles were called announcements in CW 2.


An event is a calendar entry. It may be shown on the TimeBank Home Page.

Site Setup

Most configuration options are available under the Menu Bar's gear icon.

Home Page

The coordinator can configure the appearance, content, and visibility of the home page.

Identity, Features, and Time Zone

Signup Requirements

Logo, Colors, and Fonts


Add or remove service categories, cities, counties, affiliations, and community time banks.

Broadcast Emails

Set the subject line and body text for broadcast emails sent to members.




  • New members, applicants, applicants with unverified email address, members with no offers or requests can be found in the TimeBank Coordinator Dashboard


Summary Information

Special Reports

  • A coordinator can extract member information, exchange history, and ad information to a spreadsheet to create special reports.

How Do I...?

Select Multiple Members, Exchanges, or Ads

  • There are two ways to select multiple items in a list.

Configure Member Privacy

Send a Broadcast Email

  1. Select the addressees from the Members list.
  2. Compose the email to them

Review Broadcast Emails

Export a Spreadsheet

The lists of Members, Member Exchanges, Member Birthdays and Service Ads satisfy most coordinators' information needs. But spreadsheet exports are very handy when you need to rearrange, format, or combine information for a special purpose such as a mailing list or data analysis.

Migrate from CW2 to CW3

Known Issues