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=== Manage Members ===
=== Manage Members ===
=== Manage Content ===
== Manage Content ==
===== Pages =====
===== Pages =====
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===== Broadcast Mailings =====
===== Broadcast Mailings =====
=== Manage Configuration ===
=== Manage Configuration ===

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Manage Members

Manage Content


A page is an infomational web page within CW3. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.


A news article's headline may be shown in the Sidebar.

  • Edit or Create a news article, List existing news articles - known as Announcements in CW 2

An alert is an urgent announcement. Its title may be shown at the top of the Sidebar.


An event is a calendar entry. It may be shown on the Home page.


A link takes a member to an external web page. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.

Broadcast Mailings

Manage Configuration

(Go to the Gear Icon / Configure)

Home Page

Create Reports

Migrate from CW2 to CW3