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<br />
<br />
==Coordinators: Responsibilities, Permissions and Activities==
=='''Coordinators: Responsibilities, Permissions and Activities'''==
==== [[Coordinator Permissions]] ====
==== [[Coordinator Permissions]] ====
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== Membership ==
== '''Membership''' ==
==== Applying for Membership ====
==== Applying for Membership ====
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== Create and Manage Site Content ==
== '''Create and Manage Site Content'''==
==== Alerts ====
==== Alerts ====
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== Site Setup ==
=='''Site Setup'''==
Most configuration options are available under the [[Menu Bar]]'s gear icon.
Most configuration options are available under the [[Menu Bar]]'s gear icon.
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== Reports ==
Reports are the result of filters that define the criteria for the report.  
Reports are the result of filters that define the criteria for the report.  
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== How Do I...? ==
=='''How Do I...?'''==

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Coordinators: Responsibilities, Permissions and Activities

Coordinator Permissions


Applying for Membership

There are two ways for a prospective member to get a new Community Weaver account:

For more details see Applying Members

Selecting Members from a List

Acting on Behalf of a Member

  • A coordinator can temporarily Become a member to act for them.

Guardian Angel Mode

  • A Guardian Angel is a member who is given the access to observe and to act as another member, who needs special assisitance.

Create and Manage Site Content


An alert is an urgent announcement. Its title will be shown at the top of the Sidebar below a red title banner. All coordinators can create and edit alerts.


A page is an informational web page within CW3. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.


A link goes to a web page outside CW3. Its title may be shown in the Sidebar.


A news article's headline may be shown in the Sidebar. News articles were called announcements in CW 2.


An event is a calendar entry. It may be shown on the TimeBank Home Page.

Site Setup

Most configuration options are available under the Menu Bar's gear icon.

Home Page

The coordinator can configure the appearance, content, and visibility of the home page.

Identity, Features, and Time Zone

Signup Requirements

Logo, Colors, and Fonts


Add, edit, or remove service categories, cities, counties, affiliations, community time banks, or contact forms.

Email Notifications to Members

Set the subject line and body text for broadcast emails sent to members.


Reports are the result of filters that define the criteria for the report.



  • New members, applicants, applicants with unverified email address, members with no offers or requests can be found in the TimeBank Coordinator Dashboard


Summary Information

Special Reports

How Do I...?

Select Multiple Members, Exchanges, or Ads

  • You probably want to select a number of members, ads or exchanges in order to do a further actions with the list that is selected. There are two ways to select multiple members, service ads or exchanges in a list.

View Applying Members

The default list of members shows all enabled accounts that are members (approved). It does not show non-members (not approved) and does not show disabled accounts.

There are two ways to view a list of applying members.

A) Use the pre-configured filter that creates a report.

  1. Go to the GEAR icon
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Click on the the report
  4. Under the section "Member Reports"
  5. Click on "applying members all"

B) Create the filter yourself.

  1. Go to the list of Members
  2. Open the filter for "Roles" and choose "Applying members"instead of Members."

Note: It may be confusing that the list of members does not show you the date that the member joined Community Weaver. If you change the ascending/descending date order you can use the "Last seen" information to help you guess which order of date joined you are looking at.

Configure Member Privacy

Send a Broadcast Email

  1. Select the addressees from the Members list.
  2. Click Member Actions then Compose broadcast email.

Review Broadcast Emails

Make Sections of the Home Page Visible

Export Data to a Spreadsheet

Remove Misspelled Cities

  • On the Members list, the 'Cities' filter lists the cities of all members. Any misspelled city in the list is caused by a misspelled city in the profile of either an enabled member or a disabled member. To correct the misspelled city:
  1. Clear all filter settings in the Members list.
  2. Change the Enabled/Disabled filter to 'All'.
  3. Select the misspelled city and click the magnifying glass to search for the member whose profile has the misspelled city.
  4. Correct the city's spelling in the member's profile.

Delete Members

We recommend that you do not delete members but just disable the member's account. Why? If you delete the account of a member that has participated in one or more recorded exchanges, then

  • you will loose statistical data of your timebank,
  • those exchange records will loose a partner
  • the exchange certificate will not show that person.

Therefore Community Weaver prevents deleting members is they have a recorded exchange.

Known CW 3 Issues

How to Migrate from CW 2 to CW 3

Go to the Migration Guide