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An exchange records information about timebanker's exchanges. Each exchange records one timerbank exchange between two members of the timebank.

For members

When you record an exchange in Community Weaver you will be recording the:

  • Service provider's name
  • Service recipient's name
  • Date of the service
  • Description (of the exchange)
  • Service Category
  • Number of hours exchanged

all of which can be seen by the other partner in the exchange.

If the timebank member was not a partner in an exchange, they will not be able to see the record of the exchange.

Home page - list of recent exchanges

  • If the timebank coordinator has activated the list of recent exchanges, then for the 5 most recent exchanges with the name of the service provider, the service recipient, the description, and the hours exchanges will be visible in that list.
  • Depending upon the way the coordinator configured that list, it will be visible to only coordinators, or to only members, or to everyone using the Internet.

For Coordinators

  • Admin Coordinators and Members Coordinators will be able to see the exchange records of all members.
  • Community Weaver also records the date and time when an exchanges is recorded and if it was recorded via an existing service ad. It also records a reference to that service ad. This information can only be seen by coordinators.

Different coordinators roles have different access to these records. For the details see: coordinator role permissions.

See also: Record an Exchange