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Events are shown under one of these headings:

  • Featured Events (click on it to see a list)
  • Happening Now (click on it to see a list)
  • Upcoming Events (click on it to see a list)

You can click on "Events" to see the calendar. When looking at the calendar you can choose:

  • "Past events" to see a list of all past events
  • "Upcoming events" to see a list of all upcoming events
  • click on the next or previous month to see the calendar for that month

For Coordinators

Coordinators can decide to designate an event as a "Featured event". The date and time determines if the even is listed under "Happening Now" or "Upcoming".

Coordinators can manage events: in the Menu Bar click on"Events at gear icon/Manage/Events.

You can also filter for:

  • All, Published or Drafts
  • All, Featured or Not featured
  • All, Past, Future, In the next week, or In the next month
  • Visibility? -- Coordinators, Members, or Everyone

You can also search the events for words in the title or body.

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