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Community Weaver provides a dashboard for coordinators. The Community Weaver dashboard is a collection of information, reports and links that are very useful to timebank coordinators It includes:

Member Reports

Links to the following reports about members:

  • email not yet verified -- which lists all members who have not yet verified their email address COORDINATOR NOTE: It is important for members to confirm that their email address is valid. Please check in with members whose email address is not verified and have them confirm their email. Since they may not be receiving email notifications, use another way to contact them
  • applying members (all) -- which lists all applying members, most recently joined at the top of the list
  • applying members (profile status complete) -- which shows applying members whose profile status is complete
  • approved members (profile status incomplete) -- which shows approved members whose profile status is incomplete
  • with no active or expired offers or requests -- which shows a list of members who currently have no service ad (no offer or request, neither active nor expired
  • with no active offers or requests -- which shows members with no active service ads (no active offer or request). (The member might have expired service ads.)

Activity Lists

Shows a list of the most recent:

  • Recent Exchanges (grouped by date of the exchange)
  • Recent Applicants (grouped by the date that the applying member joined CW)
  • New Members (grouped by date of approval)

Summary Information

Show the statistics for:

  • Membership
  • Exchanges
  • Hours exchanged