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A Coordinator is a timebank member that has been given additional permissions. Every timebank member can be assigned one or more coordinator roles. See Assigning Coordinator Roles

The timebank's coordinators are responsible to support timebank members use of Community Weaver. Coordinators will have 2 additional icon in the Menu Bar, a +' and a gear icon. Use + icon to add new elements to your site such as member accounts, pages, news items (aka announcements), alerts, events, or links. The gear icon will allow you to see the dash board and reports, manage content, or configure your site.

There are four different general coordinator roles, and 2 special coordinator roles, each with different responsibilities ans permissions:

Admin Coordinator

The Admin Coordinator is responsible for the site-wide aspects of the Community Weaver site and has access to everything in the timebank, especially all site-wide configurations. Only the Admin Coordinators will be able to:

  • make site-wide changes of the configurations in a CW 3 TimeBank.
  • edit the content of special pages
  • configure the Member Signup
  • remove the approval of a member (set them to the status of "applying member").
  • assign coordinator roles to any members in the TimeBank.
  • make bulk actions to member accounts (powerful but potentially dangerous actions) such as:
    • approve or un-approve (set to applying member status) on multiple member's accounts
    • set multiple member's accounts to disabled or enabled
    • assign or remove coordinator roles from multiple member's accounts
  • disable the payment feature in Community_Weaver_3.1
  • manage the opt-out setting for individual members from broadcast emails

Admin Coordinators include all permissions of all other coordinator roles, listed below.

Member Coordinator

The Member Coordinator is responsible for supporting and managing Community Weaver memberships. This role has full access to members' profiles and their timebank activities. The Member Coordinator can:

  • view the coordinators dashboard and other reports about members, offers, requests and exchanges
  • read and edit members' profiles, including the "Change Password" feature
  • view members' Profile Status
  • read, edit or delete members' offers, requests, recorded exchanges, and their TimeBankers' Talents listings
  • use the Become another member feature
  • assign or remove guardian angels
  • assign or remove Managers of Organisations
  • add a new members to the timebank
  • approve new members
  • assign (or un-assign) a member or a service add to a Community Timebank
  • read and write 'coordinator notes
  • set a member's account to disabled or enabled
  • create and send broadcast mail to members
  • create, edit and delete alerts
  • write to all other coordinators using the coordinators mailing list
  • apply all filters to member lists
  • manage the opt-out setting for individual members from broadcast emails

The Member Coordinator cannot create, edit or delete pages, news (aka announcements), links and events. They also cannot mange any timebank lists of counties, neighbourhoods, affiliations or categories of service ads.

Member Support Coordinator

The Member Support Coordinator is responsible to support members posting offers and requests as well as recording their exchanges. Member Support Coordinators can:

The Member Support Coordinator cannot create, edit or delete pages, news (aka announcements), links and events.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for publicity and outreach in Community Weaver. This role has access to create and edit:

The Outreach Coordinator cannot edit special pages nor member's profiles or activity.

Member, Member Support and Outreach Coordinators

Member Coordinators, Member Support Coordinators and Outreach Coordinators all have the permissions to:

  • create, edit, and delete an event
  • create, edit, and delete an alert
  • create, edit, send and resend broadcast mailings
  • view the list of regular and special pages
  • view and use all the filters for the list of members
  • view and use all the filters for the list of offers and requests
  • view and use all the filters for the list of recorded exchanges

Payment Coordinator

The Payment Coordinator is a coordinator that has limited permissions within one timebank. The Payment Coordinator is responsible for managing member payment processing. It is a new role introduced in Community Weaver 3.1.

The Payment coordinator can:

  • Activate or deactivate the member's current subscription setting
  • Edit the member's renewal date
  • Modify the member's subscription type
  • Set the member's payment preference
  • Generate the member's next subscription charge, or delete the member's current subscription charge
  • A button to view the member's recorded payments
  • A button to record the member's payments


Translator (Coordinator)

The translator is special a timebank member who has taken on the responsibility to translate the English used in Community Weaver into another language. The role also is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the translation whenever new English phrases are added to Community Weaver or when phrases are changed. The translator role is appointed for a specific language and is designated in collaboration with TimeBanks USA.