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Contact form

The contact forms can be used by anyone, and is accessible on every page on your Timebank as an 'Envelope" icon in the toolbar. Contact forms work as follows:

  • Visitors, whether logged in or not, can visit and be shown the contact form
  • When a visitor fills in the form, the contact form is emailed to a configurable list which defaults to all coordinators
  • The email sent to the coordinators will include the visitor's message, use the subject provided by the visitor, and can add additional customized content in {gear-icon} > Configure: Emails > Coordinators > Contact Form Body. The Contact Form Body email content is appended to the message from the visitor.
    1. Default set up

Unless it is changed by a coordinator, the default configuration for the Contact form email is:

  • the category is "'General"'
  • the recipient is the timebank's email address which forwards the submitted contact form to all coordinators.

The default message sent to the recipient of the contact form contains the following text:

    1. Creating additional contact form categories

If you wish to set up different contacts for different roles within your Timebank, you'll want to add a Contact Form Category. You may want to use this feature if you have different people who handle new applicants, or billing, or member training. You can create a contact form which specifically emails those individuals when the visitor selects their Contact form category on the contact page.

To do this, you can access the contact form category editor in one of two ways:

  • {gear_icon} > Configure: Lists > Contact Form Categories
  • Toolbar Envelope Icon > Contact form categories button
    1. Contact Form Categories Page

The contact form categories list page allows you to manage your contact form categories.

  • Click on a contact form category name to edit the name displayed to your visitors
  • Click on the radio button to choose the default contact form category displayed to your visitors
  • Click Edit to edit contact form name, recipients, or confirmation message.
  • Click Direct Link to generate links to a specific contact form useful in articles and external sites

Coordinators can edit the contact form categories, create new contact form categories, edit the recipients email address, edit the online message shown the the person who submits a contact form.

You should note that when there is a single Contact Form Category (which defaults to General Inquiry), then on the contact page - there is no place to choose a category (as there is only one.)

Once you add a second Contact Form Category to your site, you will see a drop-down menu on the contact page which can be modified by the visitor.

      1. Editing an existing contact form category

Click on the "edit" button to the right of the contact form name which will allow you to edit the:

  • Name (of the category of the contact form)
  • Recipients (one or more email addresses who will be sent copies of the submitted contact form)
  • Message displayed to the visitor after submitting the contact form
      1. Create a new contact form category

Then click on the '"Create contact form category'" button at the top of the list of contact forms, and enter the:

  • Name (of the category of the contact form displayed on the Contact page)
  • Recipients (one or more email addresses who will be sent copies of the submitted contact form, enter one per line)
  • Message displayed to the visitor after submitting the contact form
      1. Changing which category is selected by default
  • The radio button on the left hand side of the Contact Form Categories page allows you to select which contact form category will be selected by default on the contact page. Changes are made immediately.
  • You can rearrange the order in which contact form categories are displayed to your visitors by using the drag handles on the left hand side of the list - drag and drop each row so the order is as you desire.
    1. Logged in members vs. anonymous visitors

One additional significant change in the contact form on your site is that when a visitor is:

  • not logged into your site
  • is an Applying Member

then the Contact page displays a CAPTCHA which prevents spam from anonymous visitors.