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Community Weaver 3.1.7

Released on Sun Aug 5 11:30:13 EDT 2018:

New features for Members

  • Members now have the ability to opt-out of member update emails directly by selecting the "not at all" setting under Communication in their profile page
  • When adding an icon to your home screen on a mobile device, it will use the current TimeBank logo configured (#1232)

New features for Coordinators

  • Broadcast E-mail opt-out is now a coordinator-only setting (#1220)
  • New filter allows Coordinators to filter members based on their Notification Frequency (#1221)
  • Member Coordinators are now able to use filters for Subscription Balance, Donation Amount, Household, Subscription Type, Payment Preference (#1215)

New features for Translators

  • Fixed a bug which would at times, show an incorrect count when various translation filters were selected. The translation interface now shows an accurate count for the displayed selection list. (#794)

Bugs fixed for Members

  • The Offers and Requests by category pages would show a subset of service categories, and now shows all Service Categories by default (#1239)

Bugs fixed for Coordinators

  • Events which were "visible for coordinators only" were erroneously sent out in the member update notifications; they will only be sent to other coordinators now. (#1214)
  • Fixed issue with link to member payment pages for Member Coordinators (#1215)

Community Weaver 3.1.6

Released on Thu Feb 1 01:27:17 EST 2018:

New features for Members

  • Links in emails are more visible now. (#1153)
  • Cleaned up the date/time formatting for events in list and view mode
  • The pager (next page, previous page) icons and styles have been updated on all pages

New features for Coordinators

  • Bounce support. Invalid emails which return a bounce message will be automatically flagged in the interface and members will be prompted to correct their email address. You can filter the Members list by invalid email address using the "Email verified?" filter to find bounces. As well, members whose emails have bounced will notify the coordinators via the coordinator notifications. (#1156)
  • The "new" buttons across the site have been made more consistent in the toolbars on the list pages. (#877)
  • Event notification now contain the date and time of the event. (#1124)
  • You can now include subscription fields in Broadcast Emails. Note that in order to use invoice-related fields, you should only send that to users who have an issued invoice (using a filter). (#1158)

Bugs fixed for Coordinators

  • Payment system: If a member was issued an invoice and then was unapproved, the user could get into a inconsistent state. This is no longer possible. (#1151)
  • Changing the site design is more consistent now and is reflected more immediately. (#1155)

Updated libraries

  • Our map software, OpenLayers, was updated to the most recent version. (#1133)
  • reCAPTCHA updated to latest (#1159), as well as the our stylesheet generator. (#776)
  • Community Weaver 2 references have been largely removed from Community Weaver 3 (#1074)

Community Weaver 3.1.5

Released on Wed Jul 26 02:37:07 EDT 2017:

New features for Members

  • A lot of work has been done to improve the mobile interface, including the addition of a slide-out menu (swipe right on your phone or tablet), and modifications to the design to help make using the site on a mobile device more friendly.
  • The tooltips on iPad or iPhone devices are now disabled; the tooltips, while helpful, would often require two clicks to perform an action when only one should suffice.
  • Notifications regarding an exchange now contain a link to the exchange certificate (except when they are deleted).
  • Exchange certificates now have a more prominent button to show your gratitude, and some minor wording changes.
  • Minor word changes when using member selector widget ("Select one or more members to add").

Bugs fixed for Coordinators

  • If you accidentally delete your site logo, you can update it again on the **Design** settings page.

Community Weaver 3.1.4

Released on Mon Nov 7 11:30 PM EST 2016:

New features

  • The messages between members now support simple paragraph formatting for blank lines. (#800)
  • Added the ability to link message conversations to Exchanges and Service Ads (#950)
  • Added the ability to send a message of gratitude after an exchange has been completed (#950)
  • Changed the expression "Hours given" to "Hours spent", and the term "Hours received" to "Hours earned" throughout the system (#982)
  • Emails sent by the system are now significantly smaller and will display with formatting in Gmail and other web mail services (Reduced from 200K to around 14-17K per email) (#957)
  • Members can now use the "Organizational Member" filter in the members list (#963)
  • Payment descriptions are now visible to members in the Payments block on their profile page (#959)
  • The messages which display in the upper left corner now disappear after 4 seconds (#975)
  • The member list now shows month and year for all dates ("Member since ...", and "Last seen ...") (#986)
  • The service ad list now shows "Created 1 month ago", or "Updated 1 month ago" depending on what was more recent (#990)
  • Added a feature to prevent development emails from accidentally being sent to live members (#1009)
  • Service ads will display in lists and email notifications using the term "Updated on" or "Created on" depending on whether the service ad was most recently updated or created (#998)
  • Added a calendar icon to home page events box (#1003)
  • Coordinators. The events list (coordinators view) now displays by default in ascending order by start date (#976)
  • Coordinators. Coordinators can now edit and use any other Broadcast email configured in the system (#968)
  • Coordinators. The payment description field is now available and can be included in the payment email templates. (#949)
  • Coordinators. Coordinators can now link directly to contact forms, specifying an optional starting subject line. (#980)

Bugs fixed

  • Members were able to create exchanges with the system administrator and now can not. (#953)
  • Fixed some internal issues with the background tasks which keep CW3 running smoothly (#956)
  • HTML content migrated from CW2 was sometimes changing the way the sites look, all messages are now sanitized of HTML content (#969)
  • Fixed an issue with the date displayed when members the terms of service is modified. Updated language on terms pages. (#971)
  • Fixed an issue which would set the expiration date to the current date when editing existing offers or requests (#994)
  • Improvements to the timeliness of service ad expiration messages (#1000)
  • Coordinators. Fixed an issue with double member fields dropdowns in email configuration (#1005)

Community Weaver 3.1.3

Released on Mon Aug 22 11:45:00 EDT 2016:

New features

  • Added site-wide speedup for loading images on each page (#933)
  • Coordinators: Modified the Profile Status filter to support a filter which is exclusive of other filters, making it simpler to use (#662)
  • Coordinators: Added sort filter to news, alert, and page lists for coordinators (#920)
  • Coordinators: Added additional information to Recent Activity loaded for each member when recording payments (#935)
  • Coordinators: Linked payment list in profile to payment editor (#902)
  • Coordinators: Updated the launch template for new Timebanks to support Time Zone as a default required field (#793)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed issue with headers in Subscription and Donation lists for each member (#917)
  • Fixed issue which would limit the information displayed to members in the recent updates email (#907)
  • The rich text editor was modified so it would not be displayed in a modal dialog where it wouldn't work properly (#922)
  • Fixed home page count of members to match counts displayed in member list (#916)
  • Fixed issue when deleting an old exchange which has unlinked payee or payer (#925)
  • Improved formatting of recent activity for service ads (#601)
  • Coordinators: Fixed link to Recent Applicants list in coordinator dashboard (#921)
  • Coordinators: Fixed links in member sign up email (#818)


  • Version Tue Aug 23 16:55:21 EDT 2016. Added feature to add {approved} to member email parameters. Fixed issue with broadcast emails being sent without scheduling.

Community Weaver 3.1.2

Released on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 4:30PM EDT:

New features

  • Improved the usability of the list selection menu and added ability to remove selection lists, fixed display of list (#806)
  • Updated the design of the My Stuff pages (Now My service ads), the profile menu, and various usability improvements (#545)
  • Updated the design of the list in My exchanges to be more like a sortable table (#552)
  • Updated the display of categories in the member list to show parent categories (#893)
  • Member names which are long are truncated in the menu bar and now use an ellipsis (#908)
  • The search field in the Broadcast email list has had a tooltip added (#911)
  • The "Send Again" button in the Broadcast email list has been renamed to "Compose duplicate" and a tooltip was added when disabled (#910)
  • On the "My service ads" page the exchange statistics has been removed from the top of the screen (#900)
  • Added a tooltip to search icon in Links list: "Search link titles or web addresses"

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue where translator settings were not reflected correctly in member profiles after modification (#884)
  • Fixed an issue with new timebank launches and default settings (#882)
  • Fixed an issue with the Has Exchanges filter which wasn't working with Exchanges: No (#891)
  • Fixed an issue where member links to "My Payments" was not permitted (#892)
  • Fixed issues with how the filter description is displayed (#895, #896)
  • Fixed the default thousands separator for numbers to be a comma (was a decimal point)
  • Rearranged the order of the filters in the "Links" list view to have the search field on the right
  • Fixed an issue when payments were recorded before Subscription and Donation accounts were assigned

Community Weaver 3.1.1

Released on Monday, June 1, 2016 at 10:25PM.

  • Added missing translations to translation file, automatic update of translation strings (#860)
  • Fixed issue with Ad Blocking dialog showing up on Timebanker's Talents printout (#811)
  • Added ability to do final migration for remaining CW2 sites (#837)
  • Improved the payment module setup process by adding special pages step to configuration panel (#854)
  • When activating payments you can set your activation date to a date in the past (#856)
  • Fixed issue where Timebankers' Talents on the home page would not update correctly (#857)
  • Removed incorrect translation strings from master translation file (#858)
  • Fixed an issue which would fill up disk space on the servers intermittently (#865)
  • Fixed duplicate listings in Member Accounts List page (#866)
  • Member list shows distance from current member regardless of address privacy settings (#869)
  • Dates displayed for recent members on the home page is now their approval date, not their sign up date (#775)
  • Fixed an issue where the affiliation filter in the exchanges list did not work correctly (#872)

Community Weaver 3.1.0

Released on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 9:00AM.

For more information review the full release documentation here.


  • April 18th, 2016 6:15PM. Language and text changes to payment settings pages to be less verbose and more user-friendly.

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