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Community Weaver 3.1.4

Released on Mon Nov 7 11:30 PM EST 2016:

New features

  • The messages between members now support simple paragraph formatting for blank lines. (#800)
  • Added the ability to link message conversations to Exchanges and Service Ads (#950)
  • Added the ability to send a message of gratitude after an exchange has been completed (#950)
  • Changed the expression "Hours given" to "Hours spent", and the term "Hours received" to "Hours earned" throughout the system (#982)
  • Emails sent by the system are now significantly smaller and will display with formatting in Gmail and other web mail services (Reduced from 200K to around 14-17K per email) (#957)
  • Members can now use the "Organizational Member" filter in the members list (#963)
  • Payment descriptions are now visible to members in the Payments block on their profile page (#959)
  • The messages which display in the upper left corner now disappear after 4 seconds (#975)
  • The member list now shows month and year for all dates ("Member since ...", and "Last seen ...") (#986)
  • The service ad list now shows "Created 1 month ago", or "Updated 1 month ago" depending on what was more recent (#990)
  • Added a feature to prevent development emails from accidentally being sent to live members (#1009)
  • Service ads will display in lists and email notifications using the term "Updated on" or "Created on" depending on whether the service ad was most recently updated or created (#998)
  • Added a calendar icon to home page events box (#1003)
  • Coordinators. The events list (coordinators view) now displays by default in ascending order by start date (#976)
  • Coordinators. Coordinators can now edit and use any other Broadcast email configured in the system (#968)
  • Coordinators. The payment description field is now available and can be included in the payment email templates. (#949)
  • Coordinators. Coordinators can now link directly to contact forms, specifying an optional starting subject line. (#980)

Bugs fixed

  • Members were able to create exchanges with the system administrator and now can not. (#953)
  • Fixed some internal issues with the background tasks which keep CW3 running smoothly (#956)
  • HTML content migrated from CW2 was sometimes changing the way the sites look, all messages are now sanitized of HTML content (#969)
  • Fixed an issue with the date displayed when members the terms of service is modified. Updated language on terms pages. (#971)
  • Fixed an issue which would set the expiration date to the current date when editing existing offers or requests (#994)
  • Improvements to the timeliness of service ad expiration messages (#1000)
  • Coordinators. Fixed an issue with double member fields dropdowns in email configuration (#1005)

Community Weaver 3.1.3

Released on Mon Aug 22 11:45:00 EDT 2016:

New features

  • Added site-wide speedup for loading images on each page (#933)
  • Coordinators: Modified the Profile Status filter to support a filter which is exclusive of other filters, making it simpler to use (#662)
  • Coordinators: Added sort filter to news, alert, and page lists for coordinators (#920)
  • Coordinators: Added additional information to Recent Activity loaded for each member when recording payments (#935)
  • Coordinators: Linked payment list in profile to payment editor (#902)
  • Coordinators: Updated the launch template for new Timebanks to support Time Zone as a default required field (#793)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed issue with headers in Subscription and Donation lists for each member (#917)
  • Fixed issue which would limit the information displayed to members in the recent updates email (#907)
  • The rich text editor was modified so it would not be displayed in a modal dialog where it wouldn't work properly (#922)
  • Fixed home page count of members to match counts displayed in member list (#916)
  • Fixed issue when deleting an old exchange which has unlinked payee or payer (#925)
  • Improved formatting of recent activity for service ads (#601)
  • Coordinators: Fixed link to Recent Applicants list in coordinator dashboard (#921)
  • Coordinators: Fixed links in member sign up email (#818)


  • Version Tue Aug 23 16:55:21 EDT 2016. Added feature to add {approved} to member email parameters. Fixed issue with broadcast emails being sent without scheduling.

Community Weaver 3.1.2

Released on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 4:30PM EDT:

New features

  • Improved the usability of the list selection menu and added ability to remove selection lists, fixed display of list (#806)
  • Updated the design of the My Stuff pages (Now My service ads), the profile menu, and various usability improvements (#545)
  • Updated the design of the list in My exchanges to be more like a sortable table (#552)
  • Updated the display of categories in the member list to show parent categories (#893)
  • Member names which are long are truncated in the menu bar and now use an ellipsis (#908)
  • The search field in the Broadcast email list has had a tooltip added (#911)
  • The "Send Again" button in the Broadcast email list has been renamed to "Compose duplicate" and a tooltip was added when disabled (#910)
  • On the "My service ads" page the exchange statistics has been removed from the top of the screen (#900)
  • Added a tooltip to search icon in Links list: "Search link titles or web addresses"

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue where translator settings were not reflected correctly in member profiles after modification (#884)
  • Fixed an issue with new timebank launches and default settings (#882)
  • Fixed an issue with the Has Exchanges filter which wasn't working with Exchanges: No (#891)
  • Fixed an issue where member links to "My Payments" was not permitted (#892)
  • Fixed issues with how the filter description is displayed (#895, #896)
  • Fixed the default thousands separator for numbers to be a comma (was a decimal point)
  • Rearranged the order of the filters in the "Links" list view to have the search field on the right
  • Fixed an issue when payments were recorded before Subscription and Donation accounts were assigned

Community Weaver 3.1.1

Released on Monday, June 1, 2016 at 10:25PM.

  • Added missing translations to translation file, automatic update of translation strings (#860)
  • Fixed issue with Ad Blocking dialog showing up on Timebanker's Talents printout (#811)
  • Added ability to do final migration for remaining CW2 sites (#837)
  • Improved the payment module setup process by adding special pages step to configuration panel (#854)
  • When activating payments you can set your activation date to a date in the past (#856)
  • Fixed issue where Timebankers' Talents on the home page would not update correctly (#857)
  • Removed incorrect translation strings from master translation file (#858)
  • Fixed an issue which would fill up disk space on the servers intermittently (#865)
  • Fixed duplicate listings in Member Accounts List page (#866)
  • Member list shows distance from current member regardless of address privacy settings (#869)
  • Dates displayed for recent members on the home page is now their approval date, not their sign up date (#775)
  • Fixed an issue where the affiliation filter in the exchanges list did not work correctly (#872)

Community Weaver 3.1.0

Released on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 9:00AM.

For more information review the full release documentation here.


  • April 18th, 2016 6:15PM. Language and text changes to payment settings pages to be less verbose and more user-friendly.

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