Broadcast Emails

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What you can do here

From this page a coordinator may view, re-send, or delete broadcast emails.

  • To view the details of an email, click its subject or click the Preview button.
  • To re-send an email, click the Compose duplicate button.
  • To delete an email, click the Delete button.

Change the order of the list

  • Click the circle with an arrow to change the list from descending order to ascending date order.

Change the content of the list

  • The search box enables you to find broadcast emails by subject or addressee.
  • The filters enable you to be selective. Click the filters icon and it will show a drop-down list to select:
  • All
  • Draft
  • Scheduled
  • Sent

How to get to this page

  • Click the gear icon in the Menu Bar then click Broadcast Emails