Broadcast Emails

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Broadcast Emails

are Emails sent by coordinators to all or sub-group of members of the TimeBank. Coordinators can choose which members receive the broadcast email.

Compose a New Broadcast Email

To compose a new broadcast email to all members, you can do just steps 3 and 5 below. To compose a new broadcast email to some members, you first need to filter for and then select the members to receive the new broadcast email. Follow these steps:

  1. From a list of members, use a filter to create a visible list of members who are to be sent the broadcast email.
  2. If you see "X members" in a red font, click on the drop-down arrow and choose "Clear selection." This will clear the sticky selection list and allow you to create a new sticky selection list.
  3. Click on the "Select Members" drop-down list to select the members in the visible list and add them to the sticky selection list.
  4. If needed, filter for another group of recipients and add them also to the sticky selection list.
  5. Click on the "for further action" drop-down list and choose the action "Compose the broadcast email".

For more details about how to filter for and then select recipients for a broadcast email see Select for Action.

To Manage - Broadcast Emails

(drafted, scheduled or sent broadcast emails) continue here.

Filter the list of broadcast emails

You can use the filter at the top of the page to be selective. Click the visible criterion, (see the list below) to activate the drop-down list. Then click on one of the criteria below to select it and to activate the filter. Your choices are:

  • All (default setting)
  • Draft
  • Scheduled
  • Sent

The search box enables you to further refine your filter by subject.

Change the sort order

On the upper right of the page you can choose the sort order:

  • by modified date (default setting)
  • by scheduled date
  • by send date

and ascending or descending sort order. Click the circle with an arrow to change the list from descending to ascending date order.

View the draft, scheduled or sent broadcast email

In the grey oval to the left of each mail you will see the status of that broadcast mail. In the larger oval on the right is the date and time that the action was completed or last edited. At the bottom of each mail, in bold, is a brief description of the selections that were used as recipients for the broadcast email.

  • To view the details of an email, click its subject or click the Preview button.
  • To delete an email, click the Delete button.

  1. Note: The "Send again" button currently has no function.
  2. Note: If you see a "Compose duplicate" button, you can click on it to reuse teh sent or draft email but with the new selection if recipients.

Reusing a broadcast email

If you want to reuse one of the sent broadcast emails, or if you want to use a draft broadcast email and send it to a new list of recipients you

  1. first have to select one or more members to be the recipients of the broadcast email. For the details see: Select members
  2. then, when you return to the manage broadcast email list, choose the broadcast email or draft that you want to reuse and click on the "Compose duplicate" button.

How to go to the "Manage - Broadcast Emails" page

  • Click the gear icon in the Menu Bar then in the section Manage, click on Broadcast Emails

Opt Out of Broadcast emails

Individual members can opt-out of broadcast emails by using the check box "I do not wish to receive broadcast mailings", configurable in a member's profile under Communication. When this option is checked, members will not receive broadcast emails.