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When you create an offer or request (or write in the "About Me" section of your profile), you use the CW3 editor. There are two ways to add an image there:

  • Copy an image from the web:
  1. Copy the image from your web browser to your computer's clipboard.
  2. Paste the image from the clipboard into the editor.

  • Upload an image from your computer:

In the menu of the editor you will find a Upload image icon. TIP: Hover over the icons until the toll tip shows you which one is the Upload image icon.

Click on the Upload image icon to display your gallery of images. If you do not see any images, it is because you have not yet uploaded any. The gallery has three areas:

1. A "Search uploaded images" box.
  • Use this to find an image file that is already in the gallery.
2. An upload box (a line of dashes defines this box).
  • Drag and drop a new image to this box, or
  • Click inside the box to bring up a local browser in your computer. Navigate in your computer's file system until can access the image files that you want to upload into the gallery.
3. A gallery of uploaded images (holding maximum 30 images).
  • Click on an image in the gallery and it will be inserted at your cursor in the editor.
  • To delete an image from the gallery, click on the "X" on the image in the gallery.

TIP: Coordinators can also use this method to upload images into the editor for pages, news, events and alerts.

After the images has been inserted into the editor you can grab any corner (hover the mouse pointer over the corner and hold the mouse button down) and move the mouse to resize the image.

To have text flow around the image, use the editor to place the image on the left or on the right.

Known issues

  • If the gallery already contains all the images that are visible on one page of the image gallery, additional images that are uploaded will not be visible. But, you can search for them by file name.
  • When an image is deleted from the gallery, a blank space may be left in its place.